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Smart house - modules

    The "Smart House" BMS requires the use of different modules , which can be connected to most of the typical residential installation of signals. The modules can be networked using popular standard 1-Wire. A characteristic feature of this solution is the minimum number of wires connecting the individual modules as well as a wide range of integrated circuits performing various functions.

The system consists of the following modules:
  • output [4x opto, 4x relays]
  • input [8 x opto]
  • controlled distributor 1-Wire bus [triple]
  • interface [1Wire - LCD 4x40, 1Wire - keyboard]
  • 4 x current transformer
  • sensors [2x gas and smoke, humidity 1x, 1x Light]
  • microprocessor IR barrier systems
  • microprocessor module to handle the IR transmission [transmitter, receiver, repeater]
  • dual power supply
  • microprocessor system management network [ATmega 128, 232, 1Wire, LCD, Kbd, ...]
  • microprocessor controller of emergency systems I/O

We recommend:

- recuperator controller >  MSR-14
- recuperator controller >  MSR-20