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    In connection with increasingly higher costs of heating an important role in this process is the "recovery" of heat from the exhaust air during ventilation. For this purpose there are special heat recovery units. The principle of operation is based on the exhaust air transfer heat into the inhaust air. As the need for proper ventilation of air is varied in a day, so it becomes essential to control the power of the recuperator.
On the basis of experience in the production of controllers for mechanical air exchanger, the new version was created, based on the modern graphic display, enabling simultaneous presentation of all control parameters. Modern dual-processor design lets you work with any type of central exchanger domestic or foreign production. The versatile design of input and output allows you to connect different types of fans and damper actuators to control any GHE (Ground Heat Exchanger) or BYPASS. You have the ability to program a specific speed for every hour for 7 days a week, setting the appropriate parameters GHE, bypass, frost protection, etc. The doublemodular design allows you to place executive circuits near the ventilation unit and the control panel can be mounted anywhere at a distance of up to 10m from the recuperator. Communication between modules is implemented by typical computer cable UTP, ended with one hand modular plug ARK-4. On special order, controller can be equipped with a software for control heater - electric or water, ensuring adequate supply air temperature.