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Fireplaces controller

    The design is based on the AVR processor and sensor KTY81. The sensor is placed in a heating chamber at a distance from the fireplace. By measuring the temperature controller controls the throttle valve so as to maintain a constant set temperature in the heating chamber. As shown in the following two pictures, the air is drawn from outside the building, passes through controlled throttle and is supplied from the bottom to the combustion chamber. External air intake in order to minimize losses associated with the consumption of heated indoor air for combustion chamber.

    To control the throttle is used the servo from model. Outside fireplace is only visible membrane keypad with LCD display. The controller allows you to program time, temperature, PID control parameters. The screen displays the current temperature in the chamber and the degree of throttle opening.

In situations of alarm messages appear :
  • "end of the wood" in the fireplace
  • "damage" of the temperature sensor

We recommend:

- recuperator controller >  MSR-14
- recuperator controller >  MSR-20