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Thermo plotter controller

    In 2007 it was designed controller for CNC machines for a company that specializes in the production of machines for the production of prefabricated styrofoam. These elements are often used in construction as a type of finishing materials facade, cornices, etc.
A typical machine for cutting styrofoam profiles with a length of about 3m is equipped with 4 stepper motors. Due to such a large size is used to move the two motors on the X-axis and Y. In addition, the controller controls the operating temperature of the cutting wire Kanthal type. Electronics is designed to cooperate with the typical software programs CNC machines, including MACH, STEP2CNC, etc.
Functions that implements the controller:
  • stepper motors control the X-axis ( microstep )
  • control Y-axis stepper motors ( microstep )
  • smooth temperature adjustment of the cutting wire Kanthal from software level
  • cutting wire break detection
  • full optical isolation
  • acoustic and visual alarm signaling
  • smooth ON and OFF the heating wire Kanthal

We recommend:

- recuperator controller >  MSR-14
- recuperator controller >  MSR-20