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    In farming a very important role plays air condition in order to optimize production. Although the animals are warm-blooded, the ambient temperature plays a huge role in the process of metabolism. The optimal culture conditions are such that when the minimum amount of energy contained in the feed must be changed to maintain a constant body temperature, and as the largest of its amount will participate in the production of meat or eggs. Farm animals need at every stage of the development a different air conditions.
To maintain the proper temperature and humidity is required to use air exchange control automatics.
    Developed controller allows you to control exhaust fans through the inverter. Control is standard 0-10V. In addition, the controller has a relay output allows to connect an alarm and the output relay to connect START / STOP signal which is used by the inverter. Controller is equipped with a probe with cable length of 5m. The probe is used to measure temperature and humidity. The software allows you to set the temperature range in which the ventilation works:
  • "pulsed" - ventilate with a specific interval, and the airflow
  • "optimally" - work with a fixed airflow
  • "cooling" - fan speed are increased to cool the premises
  • "alarm" - beyond the set temperature (min and max), the alarm signal


We recommend:

- recuperator controller >  MSR-14
- recuperator controller >  MSR-20