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    In connection with increasingly higher costs of heating an important role in this process is the "recovery" of heat from the exhaust air during ventilation. For this purpose there are special heat recovery units. The principle of operation is based on transfer heat from the exhaust air into the supply air. As the need for proper ventilation of air is varied in a day, so it becomes essential to control the power of the recuperator.
This is the latest version of the popular and produced several years of MSR series controller. The major changes compared to the previous version:
  • larger TFT 4.3" display with touch screen
  • more settings
  • control of the cooler
  • recording and visualization of temperatures, GHE and BYPASS output, from the last seven days
  • 4 languages on board
  • possibility of programmed own factory functions
Screen size of 4.3 " allows you to display all the process parameters of heat recovery. Using the controller is very intuitive and based on icons. In an extended version can be installed WiFi communication module, allowing you to connect to the controller via internet connection. Special web site displays control parameters and allows them to remotely change. Connection to the controller is protected by a password, which is determined and entered by the user in the configuration panel of the controller.
    Like the earlier version , the design allows you to work with any type of the exchanger, domestic or foreign production.